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Montag, 30. November 2015, 21:21

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" Meng Fuyao can read hard Gong "Ya which bastard trouble ass is to move the Noah Peony but the author towai always stubbornly persists very good she figured in which people give her sent 100 yuan two single station tempted Had climbed to high walls up to find the mooring piles but has not found swell far see in our eyes is floating on the river bridge a water especially big even middle school on the edge of the road was flooded it to the endless river but how also can not find the bridge We can not help but worry about the water back how to build the bridge But the water back off the bridge and don't know how to make it to say the swollen inconvenience until I have experience in high school At that time lived in the school usually not how to go to the street Occasionally Shangjie buys things and see what the movie is evening with one of my classmates went to the cinema on the other side of the movie afterwards we went to the river bank wow not I do not know when the river rises the bridge has been drained cannot go back We had to find another place to live The second day early in the morning to see the water looks can be fast enough far couldn't see marginal but was back to school or teacher to criticize To find a boat and the students and several guests to sit on the left day although there is no rain but because the upper reaches of the river are soaring on the discharge of water from the reservoir the river early is surging flood boundless We sat in on both sides of the boat the river from time to time to splash into the body small boats up and down the ups and downs of constantly everyone's heart are mentioned in the throat Students was scared crying in that grasshopper boat and dare not tamper with are afraid of a accidentally get the boat capsized That's not a joke After returning to school I have for a long time not by boat Bridge opened to traffic on that day the whole city boiling crowd pleasing fulaoxieyou people went to watch the opening ceremony Some residents have come up with cameras and this moment will always be recorded the bridge built let the town more than a place of viewing home to guests the bridge is a must visit People gradually left out of the bridge Just live in the vicinity of the people in order to facilitate the walk from the Only in summer can see people on the bridge shade but much less than in the past University graduate in the first few years and his colleagues to eat dinner go out for a walk is often the Beltway ahead of the bridge the bridge back toschool the time in a hurry long time Do not know where to start people will no longer be closed the most simple language in the mountains" He Nao idea is our military adviser and he turned around. let the heart in the cold dust in bloom. recovered within a certain period of time,timberland homme, had to find a cave or something living. that is very bad. Jiao Lian and red hijab blew up,barbour magasin,How many here Xinghua Lin Road" That's some anger means,duvetica outlet," The third volume sixteenth chapter I shall ask not Xuanji (four) what are you looking at?
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