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Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017, 09:57


is better, the store recently new whether there are suitable for their own clothes. Son recently have a fever, I will take care of him, so the opening hours are not fixed. In order to not let us go, boss always to remind you to remember to call. They are very trust me, love let me help them pick clothes. A phone call, I am unable to purchase. You wear a size 38! Years of dealing with clothing, Miss Tan on the customer's stature is almost at a quasi. Your daughter is fat, the wear of. Visitors to the familiarity are not bad. Miss Tan told reporters who said, the boss very warm person, do not know will tell others. When I first come, lost, or she brought me here. The boss says frankly, oneself give birth to the child opened this shop, also only in order to make the powdered milk money, make friends with more people. When shoppers into cheap rice cylinder wait for me to the shop next door is set down, would not be so crowded. Miss Tan points to the next building materials store, the door has been filled up with

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