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Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018, 11:17

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BAKU Jasper
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, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Some 190 athletes
qualified for the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in China through the European
Youth Olympic Trials, which wrapped up during the weekend in Baku of Azerbaijan,
the Azerbaijani Olympic Committee announced on Monday.

German Eylen Demes timed 58.93 seconds to win the girls' 400m hurdles while
Konstanze Klosterhalfen won the girls' 1500m in 4: 23.95.

German Clemens Prufer took the gold in discus throwing competition among boys
with a result of 60.15 meters.

Frenchman Victor Koroller came first in the boys' 400m hurdles with a time of
51.51 seconds, while his compatriot Anthony Pontier won in the
2 Ivan
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,000m steeplechase.

Hungarian Zsophia Bacskay took the first place in the hammer throw
competition among girls by 69.70 meters.

The three-day Trials kicked off on Friday with 690 athletes from 38 countries
competing in 18 events.

Mythology refers to the collected stories of a group of people. Their range
of tales which will be told to illustrate mother nature, their genealogy, and
their practices. This can also signify the study of such myths.

As a group, these kind of stories are a paramount feature of a
heritage Gerard
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, that is, its mythology. Many roots for the
mythology of a community have often been put forward. These cover anything from
reasons for of present rituals, widely known and also fanciful accountings of
long past incidents, to the embracing as an element of living of all-natural
occurrence or phenomena. The complete collection of the mythology of a
population helps furnish a feeling of belonging. It consists of collectively
religious & shared
experiences Gerard
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, codes of practice, & teachings of a
realistic and decent makeup.

Mythology isn't only a basic or old as time habit. It truly is spelled
out by up-to-date mythology as are used in the popular urban lore in modern
cultures. There surely is numerous fantasies in fiction as experienced by
fantasy books & Japanese manga, to only point out one or two.

The ancient Greeks did have a series of common myths & teachings
regarding the significance & foundation of their ritual behaviors and cults,
regarding their world's
character Denis
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, and with regards to their heroes & gods.
Generally generally known by the term Greek Mythology. My ramblings were part of
the spiritual philosophies of the ancient Greeks. The studying these specific
beliefs in these modern times has endeavored to highlight the political and
spiritual workings of Classical Greece, their lifestyle and their traditions.
This has brought about looking to grasp the true makeup of folk tale creation.

Mythology[b], the word, definition 'the exposition of myths'
originates from

the Ancient Greek mythologia[i] [b]μυθολογια
that means 'the telling of mythic
legends Blank
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, mythical lore, a myth, a tale, a story'
based on [i]mythos[i] [b]μ?θος[b] whose meaning is 'myth' &
[i]logia[i] [b]λογια[b] meaning
'study' Arda
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through to the Late Latin word [i]mythologia[i], and on to the Middle
French word [i]mythologie[i].
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